Your move…

Every time God wanted to help one of His beloved along in the process of transformation, he made them move.

Maybe not geographically (although that happened too, on occasion), but He urged them into places that were 1) outside their comfort zones, and 2) removed from an atmosphere of doubt and unbelief.
I think we’d all agree that in order to make significant change we have to step outside our comfort zones … outside of the tidy little environments we create for ourselves.

But many of us have never been taught to recognize and remove ourselves from toxic environments.

Huh? What’s a toxic environment?

One polluted by fear and doubt. (Jesus tossed out all the friends and family members gathered around the 12-year-old’s deathbed… he took the blind fellow out of town before he made mudballs from spit and healed the dude…)

Toxic environments are polluted by religion, especially judgment and control and condemnation. (God was ready to heal, but no one could get through the doors to get to Jesus… the paralyzed guy and his four crazy friends ripped the roof off to get through that polluted environment.)

Toxic environments are polluted by fear, offense, bitterness, jealousy, or unforgiveness. (Legion was so out of control no one even checked on him anymore… until Jesus showed up and cleared the air to restore him to his right mind.)

I could go on.

There are thousands, maybe millions, of potential contaminants to our spiritual water supply. In the same way, there are probably an equal number of ways our spiritual environments can be polluted by natural and/or spiritual sources.

Our job, every day, is to go through a spiritual purification process before we take other steps, make other decisions, or attempt to move forward. Check for…

Where those things appear, we stop up the power of God, and God, contrary to popular belief, will honor your right to choose things of your own free will. Choose to hold on to doubt and fear and He’ll let ya.

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