Why don’t they ever draw mean pictures of their dads?

We finished out another round of school last week, and celebrated the graduation of child #2. We’ve been on this homeschooling journey for eight years, and if we keep it up, we’ve got six more years to go. Just thinking about it makes me tired, but it’s worth it, a good investment. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. Most of the time, the results concur.

And then, last night, I decided to flush out the accumulation of papers and folders and stuff around my desk. I pulled out an orange spiral notebook and flipped through its pages to determine the owner. I found this page of artistic free expression, drawn by my youngest. (He insists it’s at least five years old.) 
(Please take special note of the creature labeled “MOM” in the upper right-hand corner.) 

Yes, I have been caricatured with horns, fangs, and pitchfork. And what appears to be tears and a booger. It must have been a PMS day.

I suppose I’m in reasonably good company, as the butterflies on the same page are also a bit, er, dark. What’s the kid got against butterflies, anyway?

After I got over it (cue violins), I thought I’d share. Hopefully, if you’re struggling with any of your own kids, this will make you feel a little bit better! And if all your children are perfectly well-behaved, polite, respectful little people who would never, not in a million years, think to draw a picture of you with horns and fangs, then you can pray for us lesser humans.
I’m so glad it’s summer.

2 thoughts on “Why don’t they ever draw mean pictures of their dads?

  1. Erin says:

    If he says it's five years old and doesn't remember what it's about, then it's just good for a laugh! My mom loves to tell the story of when I was three and told my dad I was going to find him a new mommy because this one was mean. I expect she'll get her revenge when I have kids! 🙂

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