What’s driving you?

Are you driven?
Here’s the definition from dictionary.com:

“…being under compulsion, as to succeed or excel: a driven young man who was fiercely competitive.”
Compelled to succeed or excel.
There’s nothing wrong with success, nor with excellence. But success pursued merely for the sake of success, or excellence pursued for the sake of excellence, is a questionable motivation.  
This question jumps up in my face periodically, because I’ve been described as being a “driven” person. Every time I think of it, I have to ask myself, what is it that motivates me?
As believers, we’re called to be motivated by love. Love for God, love for our neighbors. (If you feel like having a good philosophical, political debate this weekend, bring up the question ‘Who is our neighbor – personally and/or nationally?'”) We’re also called to be followers of Christ. Not driven by Christ. 
But many of us live lives of Christian compulsion. We feel compelled to pray, compelled to attend service, compelled to read a chapter a day, compelled to ____________ . None of those things are bad or wrong, but being compelled to do them is no different than being compelled to be intimate with your spouse or compelled to feed and clothe your children. Those are actions that should stem from love, not from duty or obligation. 
We can be driven by fear (of failure, of loss, of rejection) or driven by greed, or selfishness, or lust, or guilt.
What compels YOU to get up every morning and set your hand to the proverbial plow? What’s driving you?
Is the compulsion to succeed a Christ-like characteristic? 



4 thoughts on “What’s driving you?

  1. patti says:

    Oh, Niki, I LOVE your blog.
    Your always make me think, feel.

    With all my heart, I pray that the Holy Spirit alone is driving me. It's so hard to cut through the world's ideas of success and ambition and get to the HEART of the matter–Him.

    Thanks for the post!


  2. Niki Turner says:

    Patti, you are so sweet.
    I feel like sometimes I have to push all sorts of things out of the way to get down to the truth, the heart, the crux of life. Funny, He is pretty much the ONLY voice in life that doesn't demand and insist on our attention.
    Blessings to you today!

  3. Andrea K. Van Ye says:

    Thanks, Niki for leaving a comment on my post. I love what you had to say here about what drives me. I certainly can tend towards being driven by fear — but am working on letting those go and trusting God for the big and little things in life! I appreciate your wisdom. Have a blessed day in the Lord as you love your family and serve the Lover of your soul

  4. Niki Turner says:

    Andrea, you are so welcome! Your blog is like a rich cup of coffee for me. Very enjoyable!
    Grace and peace to you!

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