What do you wish for?

I’ll be the first one to tell you that wishes aren’t enough. For a wish to become reality, you have to DO something. You have to mix that wish with the supernatural faith that comes from knowing God’s will, and then you have to take the corresponding action that will bring that wish to pass.

Sometimes, though, we wish for things that simply aren’t going to happen in this lifetime. It’s THOSE wishes, the ridiculous, irresponsible, illogical wishes, I’m listing here, just because.

wishing well Pictures, Images and PhotosI wish:
1. I had naturally curly hair.
2. I was 5’8″ instead of 5’3″.
3. I was a natural ectomorph instead of an endomorph.
4. I spoke with a British accent. Or Scottish or Irish.
5. I was a trust-fund baby, or a lottery winner, or a Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes winner.
6. Money was no object to anything I wanted to do for good.
7. I made every choice in word and deed based on love.
8. Wasted time came back to me 10-fold.
9. I wasn’t self-conscious about my body, my attire, my appearance, my words, or anything else.
10. I didn’t worry about people (esp. my kids), animals (esp. my pets), things (esp. my car and house), or opinions.
11. I had written and published as many novels as Nora Roberts.
12. My writing was as popular as the Twilight series.
13. My writing was as good as Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.

… there may be more to come, but these are things I find myself wishing (in futility) frequently.

Feel free to add your own “I wish” thoughts in the comments!

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