Vision Boards: The grown-up version of decorating your locker

I’m over at Inkwell Inspirations today (one of my favorite virtual places to be) talking about vision boards. They really are the adult version of decorating your locker, or your vanity mirror, or your bulletin board.

vision board ex Pictures, Images and PhotosYou remember when a magazine ad jumped out at you and demanded attention? Or a hand-written note from a teacher praising your work boosted your confidence? Or a quote from a favorite musician or artist stirred your heart? Not wanting to forget those transitory images and ideas, you probably cut them out and did something with them, right?
They helped define who you were, and who you were becoming.

Why mess with all that cutting and pasting now? (Because it’s fun, but that’s not the real reason.) Because we are still in the process of becoming! And we all tend to forget what we’re becoming as soon as we look away from those bits and pieces of inspiration. So I’m all for making vision boards to keep that vision in front of my face.

There are links to some articles with instructions for making vision boards at the end of my Inkwell Inspirations post. And if you make one (or have made one recently), send me a picture! 

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