Things I should know better than to mention…

I hate conflict. Probably because I spend most of my life in conflict with myself on one level or another, and because strife in all its varied forms makes me shiver and cringe the same way most folks do when they hear fingernails scrape across a chalkboard. (I wonder what this next generation of young people will use to describe that sensation, as fingernails on a whiteboard just don’t have the same effect?)

That said, there are a selection of topics I should know better than to share, mention, address, or otherwise acknowledge the existence of, in social media… After innocently sharing an article this morning that reminded me of our Christian duty to genuinely demonstrate God’s love and mercy toward our brothers and sisters whose actions and lifestyles may frighten, confuse, repulse, or cause some other visceral reaction, I found myself in the midst of a debate. Again.

It’s my own fault. I haven’t cut off friends and family members from my Facebook and Twitter pages based on their religious/political/social belief systems. If you’re my friend, you’re my friend, whether we voted for the same candidate, observe the same religious rituals, or dwell within the same socioeconomic strata. (I suppose that makes me odd.) The result, however, is that when I post about certain subjects, I often find myself caught in the middle of some awkward discussions.

Therefore, I’m making a list of things I should avoid referring to in my social media network. Ever. Unless I have a bizarre moment and feel the need to have an argument with someone.

1. Anything that leans, in any way, toward liberal politics… this would include the current presidential administration, the need to correct the injustices in America’s health care system, and anything related to guns, marriage, or the military.  

2. References to corruption in any arena: gas prices, education, medicine, the church, fracking, the electoral college, voting on the Academy Awards, etc. Because if one person thinks it’s corrupt, someone else thinks it’s great (and is probably profiting from it somehow.) 

3. Parenting philosophies. And you thought spanking was the big issue… just wait until your kiddos are beyond spanking age. You may have done everything “right” but someone will blame you for the way your children have turned out. You know, because parental control usurps God-given free will, right? 

4. Religious ANYTHING. Speaking in tongues, baptism in water, healing, prosperity, God’s view of sin, particularly as it relates to those *all-important* matters like who is having sex with whom and the Pope’s Prada shoes. Any mention of the above is guaranteed to provoke a reaction. Some people, like my hubby, LIKE to provoke reactions. I do not.  

5. Christian and/or American idolatry. Huh? You know… anything that questions the absolute power and right of all Christians and Americans (Christian or not) to behave in a superior manner to all other people groups, nationalities, and religious belief systems because, by God, we’re RIGHT. 

My mom exited the world of the Internet a decade ago, after getting into a disturbing chat-room debate with some Muslims.
I’m beginning to understand her reasoning.

8 thoughts on “Things I should know better than to mention…

  1. retha says:

    I like your background.
    That is of the blog, not personal back ground. We all know we have the same background. We were far and lost and needed Someone to fetch us back.


    Hope you feel better this morning and that you continue to do what YOU have to do without regard to the reactions of others. Be it being silent or speaking with words.

  2. Shelley Wilburn says:

    I agree with Retha! On both counts…the blog background is awesome… and what you said is spot on! But don't let the spiteful tongues of others keep you from speaking out for the Lord! Not by any means! The Bible says to "let your 'yes' be 'yes' and your 'no', 'no'" If you stand for Jesus, then STAND. People are going to complain no matter what you do. It seems as if even being a Christian in the USA anymore means we're put down. But hey, Jesus said Himself not to be surprised if people hate us…they hated Him first! So, if you're being put through the mill, rejoice! Because you know you're doing something right!!

  3. Susanne Dietze says:

    Aw Niki…sorry you're going through that. I can relate to many things you said. Walking beside you, my friend.

  4. Andrea K. Van Ye says:

    great words, niki … i haven't been by for awhile (life has a way of getting pretty nutty, doesn't it?) glad i stopped in this evening to read your heart. i get what you're saying … and find that more and more (is this wisdom of age or signs of the times?) i need to watch my words and be careful what i say and when i say it. sometimes … i get caught off guard, however … keep walking in the Spirit, sister … He hems you in, before and behind. blessings to you as you follow Him.

  5. Niki Turner says:

    Thank you, Retha!
    I've fallen horribly behind in replying to comments on here, but they ARE appreciated. Blessings!

  6. Niki Turner says:

    Thank you Andrea! I have been terribly remiss in replying to comments, so I understand what you mean about life getting nutty!
    Amen to that, I love that verse about hemmed in before and behind!

  7. Niki Turner says:

    Thank you, Shelley!
    It's so important to have a thick skin these days! Or to put on a "Christ" skin!

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