The unexpected Christmas gift

My son came home this week with an armload of gifts for our family, some from his work and some from church friends. I cried.

Then I got a message from a friend, thanking me for something I wrote a year ago and encouraging me to continue blogging and writing. I cried again.

For me, those unexpected gifts (Yes, I consider words of affirmation tangible gifts … can you guess what my love language is?) are often the ones that mean the most. They become the gifts that stay with me well beyond the holiday season.

I wonder if that’s how the shepherds felt when the angel appeared and announced the arrival of the Savior of the world? Surprised, blessed, humbled, grateful…

In the tumult of the coming weekend, I’m purposing to keep in the forefront of my heart and mind the  most undeserved, unexpected gift ever given to humanity, Jesus the Christ. And to give thanks to the giver, our Father in heaven who declared His will for us all on that night through the angel:
Shepherds Pictures, Images and Photos“Peace on earth, and good will toward men.”
Merry Christmas! 

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