The month of Pooh

I’m hereby (or is it herewith?) proclaiming the month of July “Winnie the Pooh” month. It started with the bees, of course… Pooh had some trouble with bees, too.

Sad Eeyore Pictures, Images and PhotosAnd then it was my birthday, and I was sick, and the water heater died, and I had PMS, and someone unfriended me on Facebook, and, well, I had an Eeyore moment. Okay, I had an Eeyore week.

Now I’m waiting for the “fluff” to find its way out of my left ear so I can hear again. The lady at Vitamin Cottage nearly scared me out of my skin because I couldn’t hear her coming. And in a strange twist of roles, I keep having to ask my husband to repeat himself.

Hence, lest I wrap up the month like this…

I will be avoiding small spaces for the rest of July.

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