The latest chapter in our adventure…

I’ve been silent for while on here, partly because I finished two novellas this summer in my “spare” time and partly because I’ve been keeping a YUUUGGEEE (I threw up a little in my mouth just typing that) secret for the last few weeks. I’ve learned a bit about myself during the process…

1. I can work a lot harder than I thought I could. 
Whether it’s exercise or writing or just plain hard work or parenting, we’re all capable of doing a lot more than we think we are. I homeschooled four children and was a pastor’s wife and worked two part-time jobs and kept my house mostly clean (no one turned us in to Hoarders) all at the same time for years. But I didn’t count any of that as “working” because that’s what we, as women and as mothers, do to ourselves. We don’t COUNT all of the work we accomplish because we aren’t getting a paycheck for most of it. Start counting, ladies. You are so much stronger than you think!
2. I’m terrible at keeping secrets.
It’s not that I can’t keep a secret, it’s that keeping secrets causes me untold amounts of anxiety and stress. I’d rather just be OUT THERE. If I’m doing something, or even planning to do something, I want my friends and family to know and I want them cheering me on! 
With that said, I can now publicly share the latest chapter in this adventure I call my life…
We bought a newspaper.
Not just any newspaper, we bought the weekly newspaper I’ve worked at for the last 16 years in various capacities. At 132 years of age, it’s one of the oldest continuously operating newspapers in the state of Colorado, one of a handful that are still independently owned and operated, and it is the oldest business in the county. How’s that for a whopper of responsibility?
I’ll be taking on the role of editor, and co-publisher, and continuing my role as page designer and ad builder. I’m looking at a pile of work, and I’m excited!
In addition, my husband and I will be moving, leaving our #2 and #4 kids here (next door to my parents) to attend college and learn all those important “adulting” skills that we’ve been doing for them because it’s easier than making them do it themselves. We’ll be back in the same town as our grandchildren, which is wonderful, and for the first time in our lives we’ll be empty-nesters. (I got pregnant two months after our marriage… we’ve never really lived alone. This should be interesting. Anybody have good recipes for two?)
After a four-year absence, we’re returning to the town where we planted a church during our “zealot” years as young Christians. We’ve learned a lot in the last 18 years, and I believe we are kinder, more compassionate, and wiser now.
I’ll still be writing, I hope. One thing this summer has taught me is that when I’m writing in a time crunch, I stop self-editing so much, and my writing becomes much more enjoyable and cathartic. I hope that trend will continue. 
Prayers and good energy are appreciated as we navigate this new transition into a different season!

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