The January Blahs

It happens every year. The Christmas decorations come down, but the bland brown and white landscape outside remains. After New Year’s there aren’t any “fun” decorating holidays until February. Which leaves me in a dilemma: How to spruce up my house between now and then without resorting to leftover Christmas-y stuff.

I know, most people (normal people) don’t put up decorations for holidays besides Christmas, and maybe Halloween and Easter. I like to add decorations seasonally: spring/Easter, Fourth of July, autumn/Thanksgiving, and, of course, Christmas.

Finding ways to spice up these cold and snowy days for my winter-weary eyes has created a terrible habit: browsing decorating and crafting blogs. Of course, the time I spend ogling the gorgeous photos and tutorials online could be used to actually make something…

Do you decorate for holidays besides Christmas?
Does anyone have January—or winter-specific—decorating ideas to share?

5 thoughts on “The January Blahs

  1. Roxanne says:

    In an area like yours (I see the snow in the pic), SNOWMEN make a great transitional decoration until Valentine's Day and spring.

    Snowmen can be put up as Christmas decorations, but don't have to be taken down when the tree and lights come down, since they are a "winter" decoration, not necessarily a Christmas decoration. Try snowmen! There are pretty blue-and-white ones available (they don't have to be red-and-green as for Christmas). Try blue-and-white snowmen for a winter decoration.

  2. Niki Turner says:

    Thanks, Mary! I could carry that theme over into penguins and igloos, too… Hmm, I feel that creative engine cranking.

  3. Cheryl Klarich says:

    Aww, I like snowmen too. I have a snowman teapot on my windowsill in my kitchen that has a happy feeling to him. Teapots are always suggestive of warmth and comfort… I find some at the Goodwill!

    Also, vintage wool stadium blankets are cozy strewn over the couch or comfy chair. Movie sets are using them more and more, so they're becoming a trend!

    One more thing. Flowers. A cheap bouquet from Trader Joes. Cut the flower stems shortish and stick in small jam jars or whatever small jars or vases you have. Scattered about the house they are fantastic mood lifters!

    Blessings, Niki.

  4. Roxanne says:

    Glad you liked the idea. Yes, Penguins and Igloos, well, the possibilities are endleses. Nordic themes; deer and snow laden fir trees (instead of reindeer and Christmas trees); winter sports themes for pictures and vignettes, like ice skaters, skiers, horse-drawn sleds, Artic themes, and on and on!!

    I saw snowmen used on a site as a theme for winter weddings.

  5. Niki Turner says:

    Hmm. What about winter birds??? Chickadees and cardinals and the like? They would carry over nicely into a spring theme.
    And Nordic, yes… BTW, do you think having the boys' snowboards dumped in a heap on the porch counts as winter sports decor? : )

    I like the flower idea, too, Cheryl… something to brighten things up!

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