Sometimes it takes more than one move to get where you’re going.

In fiction, writers are encouraged to stir things up in the story every few pages. A new development, a plot twist, a character revelation—something to make the reader’s eyes open wide and lips curve into an “O”. Keep things moving! Keep those characters hopping!

Well, my life isn’t fictional (at least, I don’t think it is) but the Author and Finisher of my faith has been busy keeping things moving. Literally moving, in the case of our church.

Eleven months ago, we traded buildings with another church in town that needed to expand. Most folks thought we were a little bit crazy. Or desperate. We wondered, ourselves, but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

The little log building we’ve been meeting at since has served our purposes well. The fact it was once a preschool, complete with bright green chalkboards and a tiny drinking fountain and the faint scent of crayons and paste and Playdough in the air, has been more whimsical and amusing than distracting.

Now, we’re moving again. This time into a recently vacated church building that has actually been a church (not a community center, a storefront, or a renovated car dealership) since it was built. It’s a lovely building, inside and out, and we’re thrilled with the opportunity to make it a more permanent home for our church family. (More pictures to come.)

The lesson I’ve learned from this strange, topsy-turvy season we’ve been in? Just like in the game of chess, sometimes it takes more than one move to get to where you want to go. Life is a process, not a procedure. Are you in the midst of the process and fretting about it? Stop.

If you’re listening to the Lord’s inward witness in your heart, you can trust that even when He leads you to do things others think is downright weird, God is working all the while in the background, arranging and positioning people and situations with the consummate skill of an award-winning director. As a character on His stage, you might not understand it all, but you can trust that He always has the end of His story in mind, and this Book has the happiest ending of all!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes it takes more than one move to get where you’re going.

  1. Niki Turner says:

    Thanks, Jennifer!

    The deeper I dig into the chess analogy the more fun it becomes. Which piece am I, for instance? A rook, a knight, a pawn? Each piece, each position has different strengths and weaknesses, and the best chess players know how to use them all to their advantage.

    BTW, I thoroughly enjoyed Highland Blessings! : )

    Thanks for visiting!

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