Snow, snow, and more snow…

Living with months of a wintry white landscape and below-freezing temperatures outside can start to grate on one’s nerves, resulting in a “condition” our pioneer ancestors called “cabin fever.”

Some of the symptoms, according to Wikipedia, include restlessness, irritability, excessive sleeping, and paranoia. Sound familiar?

I’d include a loss of motivation and lack of creativity. Maybe it’s just the law of inertia in effect — an object at rest tends to stay at rest — but cabin fever could very well be what causes us to need a prolonged period of spring cleaning!

I spent all afternoon Sunday doing taxes, and that, combined with the weather, has left me a little unmotivated and non-creative. So, I thought I’d just share something fun today. No deep revelations, no heavy thoughts, no scriptural lessons… (I know, some of you are breathing a sigh of relief, and some of you are asking, ‘when did she have a deep revelation?’)

Here are the Muppets, from the movie Muppet Treasure Island, singing “Cabin Fever.”
It brightened my day, I hope it brightens yours!

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6 thoughts on “Snow, snow, and more snow…

  1. Georgiana Daniels says:

    I am snow-weary also. We got pounded again last night, school is cancelled, and working out has been put off indefinitely. Argh!

    Gotta love the muppets 😀

  2. Trina Cox says:

    Yep, I'm right there with you. My hands are so cold that they freeze my face if I try to rest my chin on them. My toes are numb and I don't care to do anything I don't have to. Lucky for me I have lots I have to do.=) Thanks Niki, that was cute.

  3. Niki Turner says:

    Yep, Georgiana, the Muppets are the best! Duct tape comes in handy for those no-school days, and wrestling the kids to the ground to hogtie 'em counts for exercise. : )
    You're welcome, Trina! I've been wearing a hat inside. Seems to help my stay warm. I look ridiculous, but no one can see me, so who cares?

  4. patti says:

    Niki, you are SOOOO fun! LOVE blogging with you!

    Rode the train to Chicago yesterday, then slushed through the city. Yeah, I'm tired of it but can live with it. What choice does a Midwesterner have??!!1


  5. Niki Turner says:

    Jill, I think the Muppets are making a comeback. They were on a commercial the other night!
    Right back at ya Patti! As to choices… hmmm… yeah. I'll take mountains and snow over tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and large bugs any day.

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