Sheeeee’s baaaaack!

Forgive me, readers. It has been a whole week since I posted.

photo by two stout monks via PhotoRee

Friday, April 8, this man convinced me to run away with him for the weekend. OK, before anyone freaks out … said man is my husband, and Friday was our 21st anniversary.

It’s not that I didn’t want to spend some quality time alone with him, because that’s always a treat, but I was seriously hesitant about hopping in the car and driving away for the night. Hesitant to the point of tears hesitant.  But, he’d been so sweet to plan something for us, I squelched my anxiety and threw my overnight bag together, and away we went.

Headed for Durango, Colo., approximately five hours south in a part of Colorado I’d never visited. A little more than halfway there, we encountered Red Mountain Pass. The most horrific highway I’ve ever seen. Barely two lanes, with sheer cliffs on either side. Where there wasn’t a cliff, there were avalanche warning signs: “Do not stop or stand in this area.” So comforting. Honestly, most of the “suggested speed” signs on highways are downright silly. The ones on this road were legit. Ten miles-per-hour on some of those switchbacks.

By the time we reached Durango, my fingers were glued to the steering wheel, my neck was in knots, shoulders pinched, and I had a cramp in my left leg from pressing it into the floorboard.

Our hotel was lovely (He does pick well!) and we enjoyed a terrific dinner and movie night.
Saturday, April 9
Hubby announced a storm coming, so we opted to detour around those icky passes. I don’t do well driving in snow anyway, and the only way I could have managed that road in snow was if hubby knocked me unconscious.

Detour added an hour or more to our trip home. We missed a turn somewhere along the way and ended up in “the canyon that never ends.” Beautiful, but I can see how those settlers and pioneers occasionally went nuts.

Sunday, April 10
Awoke with the most incredible sensation of vertigo. I could barely sit up. The dizziness made me queasy, and I was alternately chilled and feverish. I was having “brain zaps” from forgetting to take my medication with me and missing a day. I skipped church (always bad when you’re the pastor’s wife) because I was pretty sure I shouldn’t drive with my head swirling around. Hubby returned and said he thought the stress of the weekend, coupled with PMS, had just knocked out my equilibrium. Possible. I lay awake in bed listening to the sounds of multiple teenagers in my living room and wondered if I was dying. Rebuke that thought. Cried a little. Felt horribly sorry for myself. I am NOT a good sick person.

Monday, April 11
Still sicker than a dog. Hmm. Where did THAT saying come from? Asked for prayer from my Inky sisters. Within an hour the diagnostic “light” went on in my spirit … sinus infection. Whew. I’ve been harboring symptoms for a few weeks, and the multiple changes in altitude driving over the hairy-scary road must have stopped everything up and given germs a chance to take over. Made a trip to the doctor and came home $115 poorer, but armed with a prescription.

Tuesday, April 12
Felt MUCH better, but spent the whole day catching up on work and housework. (Friday was my housecleaning day last week.)

Wednesday, April 13
Which brings us to this morning. I have to hurry and finish, because I need to get in to the office. Running late because I woke up at 2 a.m. in the midst of a massive panic attack, complete with adrenaline-tingling hands and face and pounding heart. Could be a side effect from the antibiotics. One more dose… wondering if I should take it or not? If I do, it won’t be before I go to bed! Just in case.

And there you have it, dear readers, the reason(s) for my absence this past week. Hopefully, I can get back on track now!

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