Riddled With Guilt

I started the day with SUCH good intentions.

And then I spent almost all day fiddling with my new blog design.

I’m still in my exercise clothes and unshowered at almost 3:30 p.m.

We’ve got potential buyers coming tomorrow to look at the house, so the house needs to be clean and spiffy.

Currently, it’s not. Seven people live here with five dogs. Five of those people (and all of the dogs) are male. Four of those male humans are under the age of 21. Know what that means? In Hebrew it would be called tohu va bohu, a literal mess.

I didn’t get to my writing, I haven’t done my work for the newspaper yet, mending and ironing await, and I’ve been putting off shampooing the carpet for weeks, etc. The grocery shopping, new plates for my car, and visiting the chiropractor will have to wait.

The worst part, though? The guilt.

And that guilt steals my motivation to set my hand to anything on my list! It’s a vicious circle.
Do you ever feel guilty for not meeting your OWN expectations?

5 thoughts on “Riddled With Guilt

  1. Patti Lacy says:

    Girl if you are living with all that testosterone and canine energy and SURVIVING, pat yourself on the back.

    I am proud of you!

  2. Georgiana Daniels says:

    YES, I do! And I can sympathize with you about showing your home. We have ours on the market right now, so I understand the stress of wanting it to be clean and tidy, and still have time for life.

  3. Niki Turner says:

    LOL, yes, Patti, I have seriously considered slipping estrogen into their food, just to mellow things out a bit. Thanks, my dear!

  4. Niki Turner says:

    Georgiana~ Nice to know I'm not alone. Where do you suppose that guilt comes from, anyway? Is it self-induced? The product of birth order? My husband doesn't have it!

  5. Jeanette Levellie says:

    Niki: Don't get me started on guilt trips. or we'll be booking round the world flights for years.

    I think you need a trophy for living with dudes and dogs aplenty. One made of chocolate.

    Bless you, my child,

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