Raising non-conformists is hard

I should have anticipated this.

Since my kids were old enough to voice their own opinions I’ve endeavored to allow them freedom of self-expression. In fact, I’ve encouraged them to discover their own likes and dislikes, their own thoughts and opinions. I’ve done my best to provide Biblical guidelines for them to follow… a frame for their choices and actions, while choosing to overlook the externals.

Unfortunately, other people frequently lack the capacity for overlooking the externals, and I keep finding myself running defense for my children. Not that they’re perfect, mind you, because they aren’t. But I resent the persecution and harassment that comes their way because of how they look and with whom they associate.

Last night I voiced a most awful thought to my husband (the most non-conforming non-conformist of the bunch). Through tired tears I murmured, “I just wish they would play the game and toe the line and quit fighting a system that can’t be beaten.”

That’s the thought of an old and weary person. (And a selfish one, but that’s another post.) Have I given up? Have I, the girl who was called in to the superintendent’s office and told to stop writing those “inflammatory articles” in the school paper or risk expulsion, lost the will to resist pressure from the establishment?

Have I crossed over into that horrible place called “ordinary”?

So I’m ordering these. Purely as a preventative measure.

Vera Wang boots @ www.kohls.com

5 thoughts on “Raising non-conformists is hard

  1. Laura C says:

    Don't give in to the system–look how flawed it is! But, I understand how hard it is. BTW, I already have a pair of those boots with a few less shiny things! It does something to wear them, especially with a sweater dress and a big leather belt!

  2. Andrea K. Van Ye says:

    Too funny. I bought myself a pair of (what someone defined as) "smokin' boots," this past fall. They are unique, slightly funky and, can I just say, "cool!" They remind me that it's okay to keep on walkin' the way I am — it may be different than others — but the Lord never said we'd be the same … enjoy your purchase!

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