Pomegranates, my new favorite fruit.

My first pomegranate encounter took place on the school bus. I was in 5th or 6th grade, and I’d never seen a pomegranate, much less tasted one. Of course, it was one of the “cool” kids who had one.

The result? I not only avoided pomegranates, I was afraid of them. They aren’t the friendliest looking fruit, after all!

This year I ran across a “how to eat a pomegranate” on Pinterest and decided the time had come to conquer my fear. Pomegranates were on sale at the grocery, and I was armed with information. I bought one, and I was hooked.

Friends on Facebook shared tips for peeling the pomegranate.

Thanks to Nancy, I don’t have red-stained fingers.
Thanks to Trina, I have a frozen stash of pomegranate seeds tucked away for later use.
Thanks to Kristine, I’m completely envious of her Phoenix back yard where pomegranates grow wild.

So what have pomegranates taught me?

1. That which is worth ingesting may be hidden within an unattractive shell.
2. Accessing the edible involves setting aside the chaff.
3. That which is good and nutritious contains seeds: the ability to reproduce itself.
4. The “good stuff” demands some effort on my part!

How do these lessons relate to spiritual truths?
1. Genuine Christian behavior and choice are rarely the most appealing choice.
2. We usually hear the Word wrapped in spiritual-speak or religious explanation… finding that which feeds your soul requires setting aside the excess.
3. You are what you eat, and you will reproduce what you have ingested.
4. In order to satisfy hunger, you must be willing to expend energy and effort.

Crazy, huh? How do you “feed” on the Word?

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