OREO. Two O’s for the price of one! (An a2z post!)

Is there anyone who DOESN’T love Oreo™ cookies? Honestly, I’ve yet to meet the person who doesn’t appreciate an Oreo cookie now and then.

Oreo­™ cookies are awesome. Two crunchy, dark-chocolate wafer cookies hug a creamy white sandwich filling that simply cannot be replicated. Personally, I’m a Double Stuf fan, but Oreo™ fundamentalists (they’re out there, trust me) swear by the original version and declare all recent additions to the Oreo™ family heretical and blasphemous.
Whatever you think about the latest versions of the Oreo™ (I like to think of them as different denominations), I believe the following statement can be applied to all Oreos™:
The grace of God is like an Oreo™ cookie, sandwiched between layers of gratitude. 

Yes, I have discovered spiritual truth in a cookie.

Hey, God talked to Moses from a bush and spoke to Balaam through a donkey … if He wants to reveal Himself through a cookie, I’m not gonna argue with Him.

We NEED God’s grace. Grace is power. It’s God’s “almighty” added to your “I think I can.”
It’s how we overcome obstacles, how we conquer temptation, how we accomplish what appears to be impossible in obedience to God’s direction. Grace is God’s power, His goodness, His ability, all wrapped up in one wonderful package.

Gratitude – simply being thankful for all that God has done for us in Christ Jesus – is like those chocolatey layers of crunchy goodness on either side of the Oreo™ stuffing. Gratitude for the air you breathe, for the relationships you have, for the place you live and the body in which you exist.

As a child I wished I could avoid those cookie layers and stack up the yummy white stuff. As an adult, I’ve learned to appreciate the cookie part of the Oreo­™. Much like the grown up ability to enjoy onions and garlic and other flavors children turn up their noses at. 
We’ll call it maturity, and with maturity  comes gratitude. Not just a greedy grasping for the grace of God, but an appreciation and awareness of the price that was paid to make that grace accessible to us.

Need God’s grace for something in particular today? Try starting with the cookie layer of gratitude!

(This post is part of the From a2z4u and me meme. For more visit Patty Wysong’s blog or click on the picture:

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