One of “those” days

Don’t you hate those days when you realize you need a complete do-over before 9 o’clock in the morning?
That was my Tuesday.
Coffee FAIL.
It started with the coffee. Dear hubby had programmed the automatic timer Monday evening, so I was already in the mood for my morning dose of java juice when I stuck my mug under the spout. Hot clear water poured into my cup. Hubby forgot to pour the water into the proper receptacle.
Then, dear hubby informed me I left my key in the “on” position all night and my car’s battery was dead. AND, I forgot to replace the oil cap when I checked the oil on Sunday (said cap is now MIA). I spent a half hour with a flashlight peering around in the engine searching for the lost cap, to no avail.
See the rag where the oil cap should be?
If there’s anything that will ruin my day it’s a poignant reminder of my human fallibility. Silly things like forgetting to write in the amount of a debit card purchase. Or forgetting to replace the oil cap. Or forgetting a scheduled post on the blog I co-write at Inkwell Inspirations. 
I didn’t get the email wondering where my post was until mid-afternoon, when I finally sat down at my computer. The same computer which mysteriously began some sort of automatic update with a  program designed to reduce my aging laptop’s functional speed to that of a Commodore-64 from Radio Shack. An hour of fiddling and purging and defragging later, I was finally able to reply to my mail
I’m left wondering if there is a clean and defrag program I can schedule for my brain, which is obviously in desperate need of assistance.
To top it off, I haven’t written anything new on my WIP in weeks (for a writer, this is the equivalent of an OCD person forgetting to take a shower). Why haven’t I written anything, you ask? Because I’m hung up on a few comments made by contest judges about my story idea being trite and cliched.
Maybe I should start working on a new story. One about a peri-menopausal chick with peri-adult children and a preteen (and all that entails), and her overwhelming terror that, in fact, she does not have the beginning stages of Alzheimers, but is just another 40-something momma whose brain (and boobs) have succumbed to gravity in spite of underwire bras and New York Times crossword puzzles.
Thank God His mercies are new every morning.
Can I go to bed now?

3 thoughts on “One of “those” days

  1. Laura says:

    Man! My Tuesday was so close to the same! D's converse were in dad's car at work and he can't wear flip flops to school. Then I went the wrong way to school taking more time to get there. When I got home to finish the paperwork for J's fist day, I found another school supply list and M's list was totally wrong! That was all before 10:00! Today has been much better already, hope yours is too!

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