Oh, how I LOVE the New Year!

I took down the Christmas decorations tonight. Everything will go back to the shed tomorrow morning. The fireplace mantel is empty. The top of the piano is bare of decorations.

And I don’t care.


Because it means the year is over. All the turmoil, the trauma, the celebrations and rejoicing of 2011 have come to a close. It’s time to turn the page, reboot the computer, reset the perpetual calendar. In the next few days we’ll cross an imaginary line into 2012.

It really doesn’t matter what number we assign to the year, what matters is the clean slate, the fresh start, the blank calendar.

The new year is a wide open door of opportunity for change, irresistibly attractive, IMO. It’s an opportunity to set aside all the baggage I’ve picked up in the last 365 days and go forth, footloose and fancy free.

Those changes can be internal or external. They can be about writing goals or about personal goals, financial goals or emotional ones. They might fall into entirely different categories. 

What do I want out of my life?

What changes must be made to accomplish those goals?

Time for a little introspection and self-evaluation … care to join me?

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