O Where Shall the Tree Go?

We’ve always had our tree in the living room. Always. In spite of the fact we rarely spend any time in the living room, at least until Christmas morning, and then only because that’s where the tree is placed.
Christmas tree sxc hu
I asked the family why we have the tree in a room we never use and they looked at me funny, as if I’d asked them why their arms are attached to their torsos.

So tonight, while they were in the garage having band practice, I moved the tree into the family room with the TV and the sectional sofa. Not too difficult, since I’ve yet to put any decorations on the thing. Although DH said “the tree looks good” when he plopped his hiney on the sofa tonight. Maybe there’s no point in putting decorations on it… all they notice are the lights.

Anyway, the family room is the room where we spend the most time, next to the kitchen/dining room, and in my mind it makes sense to put the Christmas tree there, where it can be enjoyed.

Seriously, it took more than six hours for them to even notice it had been put up in the living room. 

christmas tree 2004
Photo by Scott Feldstein

Where do you put your tree? Or do you do a tree in every room?
Is the placement of your Christmas tree based on tradition, or based on function and practicality?

3 thoughts on “O Where Shall the Tree Go?

  1. Anne Mateer says:

    Oh my goodness. I go through this dilemma every year! Right now the tree is in the library so it shows through the front window. (The library was meant to be the formal dining room.) I can at least see it from my chair in the living room. I prefer it to be in the room I frequent most, so I can enjoy it. But there really is not a good place in that room. I tried this year. I really did. But I got overruled by all the men in the house. And since I'd already thrown a fit so that they would agree to put the lights on it, I figured I had to give in on something.

  2. Cheryl Klarich says:

    I know what you mean!!!
    Ours is in the living room… and it is sooo beautiful… but (sigh) you are right, for something that is so much work, we must make an appointment (practically) to visit with it!

  3. Niki Turner says:

    Well, I moved it, and no one has said anything yet, so maybe it doesn't matter where the tree goes, as long as it goes somewhere!
    Glad to know I'm not alone in the tree placement dilemma, ladies!

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