N is for NICENESS (an a2z post)

In light of the social media, news media, and general media experiences this election week, I think “NICENESS” may have gone by the wayside.

“Nice” was a word we were banned from using in English composition classes. “Surely you can come up with something better than, ‘nice,'” my teachers said. Nice was relegated to the same overused box as “good” and “pretty” and “bad” and “very.”

These days, I think we could all use some plain ol’ NICE.

NICE: , requiring precision or tact. 2, subtle, as a distinction. 3, delicately sensitive; minutely accurate. 4, fastidious, refined; discriminating. 5, (Colloq.) pleasing or pleasant; attractive; kind.

I think I’m going to make a point of being NICE this week. Using tact… being sensitive… kind… accurate.  

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