My mini tech coup!

After more than a year of trying to manage a stand-alone web site and blog, I finally figured out how to merge the two into one.

Now, typing (my official domain name!) into the address bar brings you here, to In Truer Ink, where I spend most of my blogging time. You don’t need to change your bookmarks, will still bring you here, as well.

Red Microwave OvenIsn’t it nice when you figure out how something works?
 I’ve become more aware of those discoveries lately. For example, removing the rotating thingy from the microwave before putting in the oversize package of chicken you forgot to defrost means you don’t have to hear it go “thud-thud-thud” against the side of the microwave for 30 minutes.

It’s these kinds of simple life-hacks that are probably the reason old people have so much extra time on their hands.

Of course, I shared this exciting bit of knowledge with my daughter.

“Uh, yeah. Okay, Mom.” She added an eye roll, which indicates my discovery is less, um, epic than I thought.

What about you? What have you discovered lately?

2 thoughts on “My mini tech coup!

  1. Andrea says:

    Just this morning, I realized very quickly that when your garage door is broken you car has just been taken hostage until someone with higher powers and lots of strength can come rescue it. New door to be installed on Friday. Merry Christmas to us!


  2. Niki Turner says:

    Oh my, Andrea! That's true, your car has been kidnapped by your garage! LOL.
    Of course, that gives you a lovely excuse not to go anywhere for a couple days!

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