Meet our Christmas elves, or pixies, or fairies…

I’d like to introduce you to Walker, Buford, and Tunsie (so named by 2-1/2 year old T this morning). These three pixies (sprites? dryads? nymphs?) arrived to help prepare T and G for Christmas. 
From now until Christmas they’ll remind us every day to practice kindness, good deeds, and gratitude, thanks to helpful hints from Anna at The Imagination Tree, who shared this post earlier this week and inspired me to go scrambling about for craft supplies to make the little critters. (Yep, I made them with my own hands, all by myself… thanks to a DIY I found HERE. One more reason to be grateful for the Internet!) 
Anna will be posting the daily Kindness Elves activity on her Facebook page, here:
Walker, Buford, and Tunsie might just hang around after Christmas, too. Because reminders to be kind to one another, to walk in love and peace, to practice forgiveness and acceptance, are helpful year-round, in my opinion.
Now, back to decorating the tree…

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