May I Be Excused?

Remember PE class? That horrific nightmare of the educational system designed to expose every flaw and weakness, destroy self-esteem, and stigmatize you for life?

Duck and Dive Dodgeball
I learned (early) how to get out of PE. All I needed was a note from my mother. On the days we were scheduled to do REALLY awful activities, like dodgeball (AKA kill the nerdy kid), I’d get a note to “sit out” of PE, which usually meant I got to spend the hour reading. Nice.

So when my washing machine overflowed again, this time from the pipe under the kitchen sink (after filling both sides of the sink with wash water from the load of towels and the bathmat used when we washed the skunk spray off the Westie) my first thought was, “May I please be excused?”

It has been a week.

  • Sunday night: Hubby had a strange, uncharacteristic outburst of wrath that left me in tears for most of the night (he has since apologized and all is hunky-dory in our little kingdom, FYI). 
  • Monday: Dog escaped from yard while satellite guy was here. Returned with a face-full of skunk. He still smells (the dog, I don’t know about the satellite guy, I didn’t smell him), in spite of repeated baths incorporating various mixtures and formulas.
  • Wednesday: My car overheated on the way home from work, forcing me to stop every 1/4 mile to let it cool off. Hubby JUST fixed car on Saturday.
  • Thursday: Hubby got rained out at work and had to come home. This equates to a smaller check for the coming pay period.
  • Friday: Round 2 this month of plumbing problems. (See above explanation.)

Yeah. One of THOSE kind of weeks. Not big stuff, not scary awful stuff, no ER visits (thank God), nothing I really have any reason to whine about.

Just annoyances. Aggravations. Time wasters. Bad smells.

Kind of like PE class.
But mom can’t write me a note to excuse me from life.
And God won’t. (I already asked.)

So I better suck it up (literally and figuratively, considering the water that is making its way across the floor) and deal with it! 

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