Maintenance is Messy!

My computer just ate my post. 

(Brought to you by the Letter M, as part of the a2z4u and me blog meme!)

I rarely write my posts in my word processing program. Today, because of a wild thunder/hail/wind storm … complete with sunshine (nothing like Colorado weather), I had no choice. My satellite internet went out, so I wrote my post in my word processing application. When I finished, I saved it.
Now it’s gone. Just gone.

Today’s post, interestingly enough, was supposed to be about MAINTENANCE! In the process of maintaining my writing/work life and upgrading my computer, I now have a system that sucks files into the abyss. No, not really. I’m certain it’s operator error. It usually is, isn’t it? Meanwhile, as I learn to use my new operating system and a keyboard that has all its keys in strange places, my computer life is a little bit messy.

Maintenance, however you look at it, is messy, and maybe that’s why we avoid it like the plague. It’s also inconvenient, time-consuming, often expensive, and sometimes even painful.

Unfortunately, everything in our lives requires maintenance these days, from our eyebrows to our toenails. We have to maintain our weight, our homes, our marriages, our friendships, our children, our cars, our pets, our yards, our jobs, our ministries … In the process of juggling it all, it’s easy to let things start to slide. But once they slip a little, catching up is a lot like running uphill on a greased treadmill.

That seems to be where I’m at right now. Hopefully, the letter “N” will stand for “NEAT.”

How about you? Do you ever feel like everything you have to maintain has taken over your life?
Ever wish you could slap a sign like this on your life for a few days, or a week, or a month???

Closed For Maintenance

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