I’ve got GIRL tools!

My Valentine’s Day present arrived this week.

It’s a pink tool set, courtesy of my darling husband, who listened when I said I wanted a set of tools that would actually fit in my hands (which are the size of a 9-year-old boy’s) and I wanted them to be pink so the boys wouldn’t be tempted to abscond with them.
So I have a tiny (but heavy) hammer, and an awesome rechargeable cordless screwdriver with every kind of bit imaginable, and a pink tape measure, and a putty knife that’s so shiny it could double as a compact mirror. Just in case I need to check my make-up in the midst of a project. Then I can use the putty knife to apply copious quantities of make-up to fill in the furrows on my forehead. 
No longer will I be caught using the heel of a cowboy boot to hammer nails into the wall, or a butter knife for a flathead screwdriver, or my eyebrow tweezers instead of needle nose pliers. Don’t laugh. I have a friend who used her kitchen mixer on a batch of drywall mud. We all do it.
Now I’m just itching to do a project, and suddenly, I can’t remember any of the projects I wanted to do. So my adorable pink tool box sits, forlorn and unused, in a chair across the room.

I think it’s mocking me.

This Dora-esque memory loss occurs with sewing and scrapbooking and crafts, too. I have boxes of fabric for projects of all kinds and beads and notions to make jewelry. But as soon as I lug out the tubs and pull out the sewing machine, my inspiration goes “poof.”

Or I get all these wonderful ideas and scenes and phrases for my WIP (usually while in the shower, or baking), but once I sit down in front of the writer’s tool box — my computer screen — all the words that were in my head disappear.

I think things are slipping into the chasm between the left side and the right side of my brain.

Where do all those lovely ideas go? Down the rabbit hole, perhaps?

Down the Rabbit Hole


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5 thoughts on “I’ve got GIRL tools!

  1. Hoochy Koochy says:

    Ha Ha Niki SOOOO true. Made me laugh especially thinking of all the make do things we use as tools.

  2. Anonymous says:

    it is amasing what we girls use to get the job done…:)

  3. Karla Akins says:

    That's so cool! I love girl tools! I have a tiny pink set, but I've been wishing for a bigger set for a long time. And PINK!! 🙂 (That's why I buy pink cameras, and stuff, too — to keep the boys away! Hah! Only a Mom with boys knows this trick!)

  4. Niki Turner says:

    LOL. I'm thinking about making everything I want kept away from boys pink. Barbie pink. Like, an entire ROOM! : )

  5. patti says:

    Niki, VERY FUN post. And what an analogy. Well, you have the pink tools READY. With all that pink, the most unique creation will be buzzed right out of your head!!!

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