Is this the death of creativity?

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Someone is remaking Footloose. Zac Efron will replace Kevin Bacon in the starring role. Seriously?

Hawaii 5-0 has been resurrected from the television graveyard. What’s next, a new version of M*A*S*H? Cheers? Dynasty?

Ten minutes of ANY reality television program, from “Wife Swap” to “1000 Ways to Die” to “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” is enough to convince me whoever is writing the scripts (and don’t try to convince me those shows aren’t scripted) have never had to listen to their own stuff.

All of it points to the gradual decimation of creativity in popular culture. Based on what shows up on the small screen and the big screen, where have the original thoughts, lines, plots, characters, and (most especially) dialogue gone?

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Thank heaven for books, where fresh inspiration blooms on our virtual (and real) shelves year-round like Nero Wolfe’s hothouse orchids. (Did anyone else have a terrible crush on Archie Goodwin?)

Now if I could just figure out a way to read while cooking, washing dishes, taking a shower, sleeping, and driving… The library frowns on those grease spots, my Kindle dislikes water, and if texting while driving is not acceptable, surely reading and driving is taboo as well.

Does it bother you when movies, TV shows, music, and other forms of creative expression are recycled from generation to generation?

3 thoughts on “Is this the death of creativity?

  1. Cheryl Klarich says:

    Niki's gone wild!!! Now I'm afraid I'm going to have to check out Nero Wolfe…
    So who's better… Audrey or Julia (Sabrina)? For that matter, Humphrey or Harrison?

  2. Niki Turner says:

    LOL Cheryl! I even named my dog Archie. Subconscious carry-over?
    I actually prefer the "new" Sabrina, mostly because I saw it first. Must be the generation gap thing kicking in!

  3. Anne Mateer says:

    Occasionally I prefer a remake over the original (Sabrina is one, The Parent Trap is another), but mostly it just feels like everyone in Hollywood has run out of ideas!

    But books! Ah. There is always something different and interesting to read. And yes, I've often tried to figure out how to read while doing the "have tos" of life! Although when my kids were little I managed to make peanut butter sandwiches with a book in hand!

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