I’m Tired of Being a Safe Apron

If I were an apron, what kind of apron I would be?

At the close of Wednesday’s post, I described my favorite apron – a sturdy, plain Jane denim bib style. It’s comfortable and practical, like a well-worn pair of blue jeans. It’s a good apron – low maintenance, simple, predictable. There’s nothing wrong with it, but…
If my apron is a symbolic extension of my domestic authority and ability, an expression of my style at home as wife and mother and homemaker, does this apron define me?
Honest answer: probably.
Does it define who I want to be?
Not really.

How many of us have fallen into outward expressions that don’t quite match who we are on the inside? Whether it’s hairstyle or home decor; the kind of car we drive or our daily apparel… does what’s on the outside match the soul and spirit within?

Watch any episode of What Not To Wear on TLC and you’ll hear the guests say, “But it’s comfortable,” to defend the fashion faux pas that landed them in style intervention. I would argue the word they really mean is “safe.”

We all do it, either to preserve or attain the approval of others, or simply for the sake of convenience and ease, we make safe, predictable choices. Have you ever longed for a lipstick-red sofa, but opted for the dirt-brown one with the built-in cupholders?

Do you pore over magazine makeover layouts and dream of having the guts to try a hairstyle you admire, even though no one in your social circle would dare to wear their hair that way? Have you ever read stories of men and women who’ve done great things that glorify God and bless mankind, and wished you had enough guts to step out in faith like that?

I have this horrible feeling my apron is just one place where I’ve compromised myself for the sake of safety and comfort and convenience. “But,” you may be thinking, “that’s such a small thing, does it really matter?” Maybe, maybe not. But, that apron is a place to make a small step forward, a small step toward expressing myself not according to what I do, but according to who I am.

How about you?  

Red Modern Sofa via http://tinyurl.com/yennxph
Brown Vinyl Couch via http://tinyurl.com/yax9vlv 
Parisian Cafe Apron via http://tinyurl.com/yhhuvep
Very Berry Strawberries via http://tinyurl.com/yk9rrh2

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