If you don’t like it, don’t watch it… DUH

I didn’t watch the Grammys live. Not because I have anything against the Grammy awards, or because I was out doing some good work, or because I was deeply involved in prayer and study… but because hubby brought home a movie from Redbox and (surprisingly) I wanted to watch something he picked. Also, I’m not a big music follower… if I stumble across a song I like, great, if not, I’m not looking. My current accidental faves are Sara Bareille’s “Brave” and Katy Perry’s “Roar.” 
Yeah, I know… Brave and Roar… if we are what we listen to, I’m in all kinds of trouble.
Today, after being subjected to a fair amount of whining, complaining, and generalized gritching (that’s griping and bitching combined, in case you wondered) on my FB page, I looked up some of the Grammy performances on YouTube. (Isn’t it amazing that if you missed being offended by the live version you can watch the offensive material over and over again on your home computer, your smartphone, your tablet… yeah. So everyone who’s offended by something can share the wealth! ) That said, none of what I saw was as creepy or disturbing as anything said by John Boehner. Ever. 
But, I was left with some questions… 

1. If I disapprove of secular music in general, WHY am I watching the Grammy awards? After all, there are a multitude of 24/7 Christian channels on cable, satellite, and online, shouldn’t I be watching one of them?

2. If I believe the world is going to hell in a hand basket as we approach the second coming, why do I continue to be surprised by the shenanigans displayed on secular television? Secular television is NOT SAFE GROUND for those who want to guard their eyes from viewing anything evil, bad, or questionable, no matter what time it airs. For that matter, if I have watched the advertising and/or purchased any of the products advertised during that program, I should repent for contributing to the delinquency of the planet. (That also applies to the forthcoming Super Bowl, by the way, so be prepared to repent over your Doritos.)  

3. Instead of berating, belittling, and generally abusing those entertainers we have judged and condemned as guilty, perhaps we might consider praying for them? I never fail to be amazed by the number of “scary” and “disturbed” artists who are “PKs” (pastor’s kids). Believe me, they need prayer, and mercy, and compassion, and grace…  they, after all, have seen the ugliness on the OTHER side. No wonder they jumped into fantasy-land with both feet.  

What’s the point?
I remember when I was first saved and saw *gasp* a Christian T-shirt on sale at Walmart. At the time it was hard to find Christian music to buy. Christian books (fiction and nonfiction) were ONLY found in Christian bookstores, and no Christian in his or her right mind expected the secular world to conform to evangelical standards of speech, thought, expression, or belief. 
We were “in the world, not of it” and proud of that fact. I didn’t expect mainstream media to conform to my newfound belief system. I still don’t. If I don’t like something, if I disapprove of a program, I have the choice to turn it off or change the channel. That choice was mine before I was a Christian, and I used it then just as I use it now. 
So for everyone who wants to decry secular TV, music, movies, etc., go ahead. It is our unalterable right as American citizens to share our opinions publicly without fear of repercussion. But I don’t think our griping is going to help lead anyone to Jesus as Lord and Savior. It might, in fact, have the opposite effect… sending the very people we say we’re trying to reach running.
Just a thought. 

4 thoughts on “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it… DUH

  1. Susie - Walking Butterfly says:

    yes yes yes! I am so tired of the SHOCKED believers when unbelievers act like…unbelievers! Crazy! Ha! this is a great post Niki, thanks for writing it.
    Susie Klein

  2. Niki Turner says:

    Thanks, Susie! Yes, shocked and appalled… maybe we just like being shocked and appalled, it gives us a way to feel all righteous and holy. Not HIS way, mind you! 😉

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