I pick myself up, dust myself off, start all over again

Last weekend, smack dab in the midst of our monthly ACFW chapter meeting, my new-to-me-a-year-ago MacBook Pro decided to drop dead of a hard drive failure. There were no warnings, no blinking lights, no error messages… it simply went to sleep and never woke up.

After a couple visits to the nearest SimplyMac store it was determined that my hard drive was inaccessible, meaning anything I hadn’t backed up to an external drive or to “the cloud” was lost forever.

Of course, in the classic scheme of things, the ONLY thing I hadn’t dragged into Google Drive was my work-in-progress. I lost somewhere around 12,000 words. And I’m on a deadline.

After a night of mourning, and multiple attempts to apply countless random key combinations to resurrect my machine, I finally gave up. We returned to SimplyMac the next day, wherein I purchased a new laptop and a new desktop, as well. According to my husband, you should have the best tools available for the work you do. He’s probably right, but I still wince at the bill.

It’s taken me a full week to finally get all my software downloaded and everything back on track. Now I’m ready to start over, from word #1, on my newest novella, and the task feels daunting. So I’ve got this little ditty running through my head… (an improvement from last weekend, when I couldn’t get Madonna’s “borderline, feels like I’m going out of my mind” out of my head).

Enjoy a little Sinatra on this Friday evening and wish me well… I’ll be spending the weekend BIC (butt-in-chair), pounding away at the keyboard.

One thought on “I pick myself up, dust myself off, start all over again

  1. Jennifer AlLee says:

    Niki, you've suffered a great loss, but you've sprung back admirably. Franky would be proud of you 🙂 One thing I've been doing for a few years (and which has saved me more than once) is to use Dropbox for all my writing. Actually, I put everything in Dropbox. That way, I can access it no matter what computer I'm on, and if my laptop or PC dies, the files still exist. It's fast, easy, and doesn't take anymore work than when I used to save things into "My Docs". Take it for what it's worth 🙂

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