HEROES: The Alpha Male

The “alpha male” is the hero who rides to the rescue and sweeps the heroine off her feet with his commanding presence, his ability to do battle whether with sword, gun, or strategic company takeover, and his overwhelming charm.
In my teens I developed a love for romantic fiction, particularly historical romance. I devoured those thick paperback novels in single afternoons, wiling away any number of hours gallivanting through the Scottish highlands or galloping across the high mountain deserts of America’s wild west in my imagination. 
This was during Fabio’s era. Fabio was the “it” man of the romance novel world. (I was so traumatized when he ended up doing margarine commercials.) Fabio’s romance cover persona epitomized the alpha male… strong, handsome, a little bit dangerous, ready to fight or fall in bed at a moment’s notice.
The alpha male, in literature and in life, is the man in charge. He’s the commander of the ship, the chief of the tribe, the corporate CEO, the laird of the clan, team quarterback and county sheriff. He’s tough, fiercely independent, and demanding. He tolerates no weaknesses and expects everyone around him to conform to his expectations. 
Who is your favorite “alpha male” from literature, television, or the silver screen? 
Which one of these manly men (as opposed to girly men, thank you Gov. Schwarzenegger) triggers your inner heroine?
Not into the alpha male? Come back Friday for a look at the beta male. Is he a new kind of hero, or have our tastes just changed?

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