Giving Thanks

Simply saying “thank you” never seems adequate to me, whether it’s saying “thank you” to God (how do you thank God enough for all that He has done and is doing?), or saying “thank you” to someone for doing a favor, serving in some capacity, giving a gift, or helping carry out my groceries.

Typed word thanks

  • How do you thank a parent for their sacrifices of time, and energy, and finances to give you the very best they could offer?
  • How do you thank an aunt, a cousin, an in-law, or a grandparent for showing you the meaning of unconditional love? 
  • How do you thank a spouse for years of enduring your bad attitudes, morning breath, stretch marks, and late dinners?
  • How do you thank a friend for unswerving loyalty, sound advice, and faithful prayers of support?
  • How do you thank a soldier deployed overseas or a veteran for laying down his or her freedom for the sake of protecting yours?
  • How do you thank a teacher for having faith in you and acknowledging potential you couldn’t see?
  • How do you thank your minister for not giving up on you when you were ready to give up on yourself?

It’s easy to make lists of the things we’re grateful for at this time of year. From electricity to indoor plumbing… from food in the refrigerator to a choice of outfits to wear. What I’m really thankful for, however, are people. All the people who have impacted my life in some way, shape, or form. The older I get, the more aware I am of God’s intricate interweaving of individuals and families, and how incredibly grateful I am for all of you who have been, and are, a part of my life.

Thank you doesn’t seem sufficient, but I offer it anyway, to all of you! Happy Thanksgiving!

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2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Jill Kemerer says:

    I love this! I agree. I'm so thankful to all of the people who make my life wonderful.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Patti Lacy says:

    Niki, love your new layout.
    My head just bows to think how God has restored in my life the years that the locusts gobbled.

    You are such a sweetie.
    I am thanking God for you.

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