G is for Grumbling … ew.

Welcome to the letter G!

My G this week is grumbling. *shhh*

I really want to grumble a little a lot this week.

grumble: a growl, a discontented mutter; (v.) to complain in a mutter

Why do I want to grumble? Hubby is still out of work, despite pounding the pavement and putting out dozens of applications. He’s well-qualified, well-equipped, and has a good work history, but either no one calls him back or they “don’t have any person-to-person interviews available, call back in a few days.”  A few days seems like a really long time when bills are due.

Therefore, hubby, who has NEVER had any trouble finding work in his 25+ years of working, is suddenly struggling and stressed, and now sick, too. With some kind of germie crud that came home from public school with one of our kids (IMHO all schoolchildren should either wear surgical masks or be bathed in ultraviolet light at the school’s entrance and exit). I’m fighting the same crud, but as we all know, there is a dramatic difference between a man’s cold and a woman’s cold. *sigh*

OK. That’s enough. SHUT UP, NIKI.

Are you ever tempted to grumble? Even though you know it accomplishes nothing good? Even when we keep your grumbles to ourselves, God hears them. And grumbling is as annoying to Him as it is to any parent. Ouch.

For myself, I have to do several things: Concentrate on God’s faithfulness every morning. Continue to pray and trust. Keep my mouth shut with hubby when I feel like blowing my stack. Find something to be grateful and thankful for every day. 

Today? I’m thankful for the chicken I cooked yesterday and turned into three meals for my family. I’m thankful that the lights are still on and the furnace is still running, and there’s a half tank of gas in my car. I’m thankful for my couch, where I will sleep tonight, propped on pillows with the TV on to keep my mind off unpleasant symptoms and situations. And I’m thankful for my children and grandson and new grandbaby on the way whose first heartbeat I was privileged to hear last week. Considering the world in which we live, my “thankfuls” far outweigh my grumbles!

So, how do you overcome grumbling when you’re surrounded by an Eeyore atmosphere?

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