First VHS/DVD {30 Day Drawing Challenge}

While watching a documentary about the ’80s recently, hubby and I recalled the days when you went to the video store and brought home a suitcase-sized VCR carrier with your rented VHS tapes.

VCR = Video Cassette Recorder, right? But what does VHS mean? The abbreviation, which is now really an acronym, stands for Video Home System. For the old among us (as I was recently reminded by my Outer Space post), DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc. Who knew? You can learn something new every day, no matter how antiquated you are.

I don’t really remember the first VHS tape I actually owned. I remember renting Friday the 13th (the original, which was the only one, then) and watching it with one of my best friends, late on a weekend afternoon. It was approaching dusk when the movie credits started to roll and we breathed a sigh of relief. And then Jason leaped out of the lake… and my parent jumped up in the window, shrieking like banshees. We didn’t sleep that night.

While I don’t remember buying movies, I do remember ecstatically setting the VCR to record General Hospital (which I normally missed while I was at school); and episodes of Miami Vice and Dynasty to watch again and again, and Friday Night Videos on NBC (because we lived too far from town to have cable and Friday Night Videos were the only music videos I had access to). I was, at the time, the only person in my household who knew how to set the VCR. No joke.

One of the first movies I DO remember owning is Footloose (again, the original). Which feed did YOU want to be in that opening montage?


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