First Crush {30 Day Drawing Challenge}

Ugh. A flurry of stressful events this week has left me four days behind in the drawing challenge. But at least I’ve had time to think about what I wanted to post…

Day 17 was “first crush.”

It’s a little-known fact that I was once a comic book junkie.

From the time I was about six until I was old enough to stay home alone, my parents, who had a newspaper delivery motor route, rolled me out of bed every day at 2 a.m., tucked me into the front floorboard of the truck in a sleeping bag with a pillow, and set off to deliver the papers. Mind you, this was LONG before carseats and seatbelts were mandatory.

I slept through most of it, except for one particular stop at the gas station. The lights always woke me up. The night clerk, who always visited with my parents when they came in, noticed the bleary-eyed kid in the car one day, disappeared into the building, and returned with a stack of comic books.

Among the Spiderman and Superman and other classics was a selection of Archie Andrews comics. Apparently this is where nature/nurture comes in… I gravitated toward them, as opposed to the superhero stories. I loved Archie and Betty and Veronica and Reggie and Jughead. The Riverdale saga may have been my introduction to romance novels, comic book style.

This is also why my dog… the first dog I ever chose for myself, on purpose, is named Archie.


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