F is for Family {a2z take 2}

Family. Where our hearts and souls are tethered to earth.

When your children hurt, you hurt. When your family hurts, you hurt, too.

Years ago in college psychology, I read about a horrific experiment performed on rabbits. A mother rabbit was monitored for physical reactions when her offspring, which were nowhere near her at the time, were killed. She responded as though the pain and suffering were hers.

Does this sound familiar? Whether the pain is physical or emotional, social or academic, mothers experience their children’s suffering and pain personally. Whether it’s a physical ailment, a fight with their spouse, a break-up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, or the loss of a pet, we feel their pain right along with them. Intensely.

Which leads me to wonder… since we are called “the family of God,” that would imply that the strife, trauma, pain and sorrow we feel are experienced by God with at least as much intensity (because He is perfectly pure and holy in all his motives and reactions) as what we feel when our natural children are in pain.

Does that make it easier? No. Does it make it bearable? Yes.
When I am in the throes of “mommy pain,” knowing that my Abba Father knows and feels the same is somehow helpful.

I’d like to wave a magic wand over my children and make their lives easy and comfortable. Yet at the same time I know that if they never experience any struggles, pain, or resistance, they will be weak spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and socially. Strength is developed in resistance, not in relaxation. But letting them go through the pain of growth into genuine maturity is a pain as acute as any contraction in childbirth.

Again, at least we know that our Abba Father knows what we’re going through and pours out fresh grace, mercy, and compassion every day. Even when I look and feel like this little bunny…

Found at www.disapprovingrabbits.com

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