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My husband (at left in photo) posted this on his blog this morning and it was so good, and so fitting for this week’s fear discussion, I just had to reblog it. How does this fit with being anti-fear, with throwing out the hot potatoes lobbed in our general direction daily? It’s simple. Having an optimistic attitude automatically puts us in a better position to resist fear. It’s like being well-fed and hydrated and getting enough sleep give your body a better chance to fight off a bug. When we’re grumpy and feeling sorry for ourselves we tend to grab hold of every negative thought, word, and deed that crosses our path. And the fear-filled voices out there are ALWAYS negative. By changing our mental and verbal focus we can better resist those fearful rotten potato bombs!


You will be enabled or disabled according to what you choose to believe. You can be an over-comer or an under-goer, but God wants you to win. In order to win you must first believe that you can. Why would you believe that? Because God said so, that’s why! 

NYC Marathon 2008 - the winner! Brasil

He never said you would never have any troubles or challenges but He said He would be with you and give you the victory. “Thanks be to God who gives us the victory…” But we still need to take it. “He always leads us in triumph…” But we do the walking. 

Without trials there would be no testimonies, and there is no such thing as victory without opposition. But that’s no big deal because we were made to be like God and He’s the ultimate champion. The Word says, “those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.” 


But reigning takes training, and you can’t do it if you’re always complaining!

You will have to train your mind to think like a winner, not a whiner. 

Because when you magnify all the problems around, you feel so much smaller.

 But when you acknowledge the Almighty within it’s like you suddenly get taller!

So don’t dis and act like God’s not in this! 

When you express your displeasure and disapproval you disrespect and disbelieve your Lord and Father. 

Complaining is the disease of the discouraged, disappointed and disabled. 

 So it’s time to END DIS! 

(And it seems that the Lord would say, “Don’t dis Me! The only kind of dis I want out of you is discipline and it’s not up for discussion.” )
“Yeah, but if I don’t dis what am I going to do?” 

How about change your “D” for an “E”? Be enabled, encouraged and edified! Engage in some enthusiasm and excitement. Entice excellence and enrich your environment.

Here are some good en- words. I encourage you to use these to make your own good e-sayings. Engraft them into your mind and be empowered all day. And please post your e-comments for others to enjoy!

Energize, encounter, encourage, enforce, engraft, enhance, enjoy, enlarge, enlist, enliven, en route, enlarge, enterprise, entertain, entice, entire, envelope, envision, envoy, enwind, enwrap. Etc…

Now you….

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