Earwigs, what are they good for?

CAUTION: If you are squeamish about bugs, stop reading now!

The lovely summer of rain and humidity we’ve had is something to be thankful for.
Along with the rain, however, comes an abundance of these less than appealing creatures…

I think they are western Colorado’s version of the cockroach. Having never dwelt with cockroaches (I snapped pictures of one when I visited the coast a few years ago and thoroughly traumatized my hostess) I’m sure I can’t comprehend the horror involved. However, earwigs in abundance come with their own YUCK level.

1. Earwigs in your washcloth. (Yeah, so shake it out, big whoop.)
2. Earwigs in the sink. (So? How hard is it to rinse them down the drain?)
3. Earwigs in the shower.  (A daily occurrence. See #2)
4. Earwigs in your chips. (This from my son, who discovered a habitation of earwigs in the open bag of chips in his truck.)
5. Earwigs in your water bottle.

This is apparently my test for the summer. I’m not generally squeamish about insects at all, but this year the earwigs crossed my personal line in the sand. Two crawled into the straw-top of my water bottle.
Take it from me, earwigs taste icky.

Icky enough to assume I’d contaminated my water bottle with CLR while cleaning the hot water heater, so I ran my water bottle through the dishwasher. The next day I filled the bottle with fresh water. I took a nice, big swig … and had to spit out an earwig. Ew. They were STILL THERE.

I took out the straw and left it on my desk while I rewashed everything. By that afternoon, another earwig had taken refuge IN THE STRAW! 

Last Sunday there was an earwig in the microwave. I tried to get it out. Really, I did.
(Note: Earwigs continue to crawl around the microwave for more than a minute before they implode.)

Doesn’t something EAT earwigs?  (Besides me, by accident, I mean.)

So… dear readers… are there earwigs where you live? Anybody have a simple solution?

One thought on “Earwigs, what are they good for?

  1. Thomas says:

    One time an earwig found its way into a water bottle of mine, that had the top on. No idea how it got in there but I spat the water out because it tasted bad, then saw the dead ear wig floating in there. I was so disgusted and mad haha.

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