E is for the END: From a2z

Ready for the next installment of From a2z4u and me?

This post is brought to you by the letter E.

I had all sorts of ideas for E, everything from Eeyore to Ernie, from empathy to effort to exercise to ennui. I settled on E for END.

Have you ever been reading aloud to a child, and upon coming to the close of the tale, said “the end,” only to have them groan and beg for more? (This is particularly common at bedtime.)

Or reclined in a dentist’s chair with your mouth cranked open wide enough to swallow a football, listening to piped-in muzak and the sound of the drill, with the acrid odor of burning bone drifting up your nostrils, and thought, “Will it ever end?”

Have you gone on a vacation, only to find yourself dreading the end of the trip when you have to return to regular life?

Or, as we experience in NW Colorado, when snow piles up outside in late May and the temperatures are still frigid, and your FB friends down south or on the coast are enjoying blooming flowers, green grass and warm afternoons, have you thought, “This winter will never end!”

Sometimes we dread “the end” and sometimes we yearn for it.

Personally, we’re at an “end.” After 13 years of pastoring a church, this Sunday will be my husband’s last official service. He’s stepping down. I won’t be a pastor’s wife anymore. My kids won’t be PK’s anymore. It’s the close of an era, a season, in our lives. We never expected we’d be pastors, and once we were, we never expected we’d stop.

Bittersweet as it is, this ending is also a beginning, a time to start the next leg of the race God has laid out for us. With 13 years of experience behind us, we know God has good things ahead, because He is always faithful!

What endings are you facing right now? How can you look at them as a new beginning?

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