E is for ESP {an a2z post}

I think about ESP a lot. Mostly because there’s this button on the dash of my car, just to the right of the big red HAZARD button, and I can’t ever remember what the letters actually stand for… So while I’m driving, I see the button, and I think, “What does that stand for again?”

Extra-sensory perception is what pops into my head first. You know, the ability to sense things that are outside the five physical senses with which our bodies interact with the world around us. I believe we all have it to some degree. Call it intuition, or a “gut feeling,” or a “sixth sense” it’s part of being a human, created in the image and likeness of God.

Too “woo-woo” for ya? Consider this… you are a spirit, you live in a body, and you have a soul (your mind, will, and emotions). Your spirit is the part of you that is (Or should be, and can be!) in constant communication with God, whether through hearing the still, small voice of His Holy Spirit “speaking” to you on the inside, or sensing His presence in nature or feeling His divine energy and power demonstrated in the love of others.

Your spirit probably also picks up some other voices, too, the way a radio set to scan will land on channels just because they’re out there. Those voices might be distracting, or dark, or even demonic, looking for a way to deceive you. Remember, just because something is broadcasting, you aren’t required to listen!

In reality, the ESP button on my dash stands for “Extra Stability Protection” and it has something to do with the all-wheel drive system that keeps the tires from slipping. (Yes, I had to get out my owner’s manual and look it up.)

Hmm. From a spiritual standpoint, having the kind of ESP we should have (hearing from heaven for direction, or warning, or correction, or encouragement) would give us Extra Stability Protection in life. Maybe now I’ll be able to remember it. If nothing else, it reminds me to listen!

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