Doubling up. Day 6 & 7… {30 Day Drawing Challenge}

Favorite Drink and Favorite Bird… if that’s not a stretch, I don’t know what is.

“Favorite Drink” was hard. I mean, if you think about it, everyone’s favorite drink is WATER, no matter how you flavor it. Without water, there is no other “drink.”

My favorite drink is dependent upon time of day, temperature, attitude, atmosphere, availability… If it’s cold outside, I like hot cocoa. If I’ve been working in the heat of the day in the garden, a cold beer is refreshing. In the morning, it’s hot tea or hot coffee. In the evening, it’s a toddy or a nice glass of wine. Wine seems to be the go-to drink of late (and it’s easy to draw, so…)

Day 7 is “Favorite Bird.”

I like pretty much all birds, from eagles to finches. I love the ones that come to my feeders, and I love the bright flashes of blue or yellow that come from our resident pairs throughout the year.

Last year we were visited by several pairs of Eurasian ring-necked doves. When they are calm, they “coo.” Apparently, like coyotes and raccoons and skunks, these doves are incredibly adaptable. Their range is expanding every year.

It makes me think about being a Christian; a believer in Christ, the son of God, who came to save us and grant us (everyone who would believe) eternal life. Christians these days are about as inflexible and unadaptable as a species can possibly be. It makes me wonder… will we continue to “lose ground” and be relegated to the realm of “endangered species,” or will we figure out that God’s love for the world was always intended to be adaptable and flexible, a supernatural flow that rolls around and over every human obstacle, every religious monument, every demonic wall erected, to bring life and love and peace and goodness to mankind.

Somehow, I think Jesus intended his followers to be more like coyotes and pigeons than like purebred dogs at the Westminster Dog Show or rare-breed parrots in a collector’s collection.

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