Cute Christmas-themed story from Barbara Early!

This year, I’m determined to read some Christmas themed stories DURING the Christmas season, instead of in January, or in July, like usual.

I started with a brand new release written by fellow Inkwell Inspirations blogger (and debut author) Barbara Early entitled “Gold, Frankincense, and Murder.” Red herrings abound in this cozy mystery. I found myself asking “whodunit?” right up until the murderer’s unmasking.

A missing coworker. 
A muscle-bound side-kick.
Sometimes the holidays can be murder.

Woven throughout the tale is the systematic dismantling of the heroine’s Christmas tree by her cat, Soot. I think I owned that cat, once upon a time. Topping off the story is a sweet touch of romance between the heroine and the hunky hero, Sam. Will they figure out their attraction before it’s too late?

As a Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden fan growing up, “Gold, Frankincense, and Murder” was a lovely reminder of what I loved about those early cozy mysteries. Need a quick boost for your Christmas spirit? Download “Gold, Frankincense, and Murder” for Kindle, or order your copy ASAP from White Rose Publishing!

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