Can you be in three places at once?

Ha ha! Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I can be here, at Inkwell Inspirations,

and at The Pastor’s Wife Speaks all at the same time today! How cool is that?

Now, if I could just figure out how to clone myself, leave my clone here to do the housework, and take off for the beach…

Today at Inkwell Inspirations, I’m addressing a serious, and scary topic: Is there a way to deal with the food safety issues we hear about in the news like the recent outbreak of E. coli contamination in Europe? What recourse do we have beyond refusing to eat? (We all know that’s not gonna work!)

And at The Pastor’s Wife Speaks, I’m sharing something about marriage that is applicable to every wife, not just pastor’s wives. Are you guilty of reading your husband’s heavenly mail?

I hope you’ll click and visit at either (or both) places today. Leave a comment and let me know you’ve been by!

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