You Become What You Believe 
I’m reading through the Gospels as written in The Message, and I keep running into nuggets of wisdom and grace that zing through my spirit. This week it was one of my favorite (in any version) stories from Matthew 9: 27-30. 

“As Jesus left the house, he was followed by two blind men crying out, ‘Mercy, Son of David! Mercy on us!’ When Jesus got home, the blind men went in with him. Jesus said to them, ‘Do you really believe I can do this?’ They said, ‘Why, yes, Master.’
He touched their eyes and said, ‘Become what you believe.’ It happened. They saw.”

Maybe I like this story because I’m legally blind without correction. In other words, without contact lenses or glasses, I’m blind as the proverbial bat. (Worse, because I don’t even have sonar.) But what really struck me were the words attributed to Jesus, “Become what you believe.”

In other versions and translations, His words read: “According to your faith, be it unto you.” Simple, yes? But “become what you believe” is even simpler. It addresses the very root of our being.

What do you believe about yourself? 

Are you sick, weak, or worthless? Broke? A loser? Inept? A failure? Is that what you believe? Then that’s what you’ll become, according to the words of the Christ.

Our believing (faith) affects every aspect of our lives: spirit, soul and body. Like it or not, believing is based on what we hear/have heard (Rom. 10:17). Listen to the morning news for a few days and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to reject opportunities to believe things about yourself.

The world system would have us accept whatever it says. God’s system would have us accept what
HE has said about us.

I wrote “become what you believe” on an index card and clipped it to my desktop organizer. Why?
Because I haven’t arrived yet. There are a multitude of things I believe God has called me to that I have yet to accomplish, and I’m continually uncovering lies that have been presented to me which I have to reject and turn away from in order to fulfill God’s plan.

What about you? If Jesus looked you in the eye and said, “Become what you believe,” what image or action would come alive in your heart? 

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