All My Many I’s

See all those “eyes” in my picture? I’m multifaceted. Like you. Like God.

Do you ever struggle to identify yourself to new people? You can only introduce one aspect of who you are at a time. For example, here at In Truer Ink, I’m a writer. I write blog posts. Among other things. But that’s only part of who I am. Sometimes it can be really difficult if someone only knows one aspect of you to encounter that person when you are in some other facet of life. Like when you see a teacher outside of school, or the day you realize your parents have a relationship with each other that has nothing to do with raising you and your siblings. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that other people are just as multi-faceted as we are!

So to introduce myself, which “I” gets revealed? Some people might meet your business I. Others meet your family I or your hobby I or your vacation I. And then there are all those past I’s … the childhood I, the high school I, the junior high I, the college I, the newlywed I… That’s a LOT of I’s to get to know in one brief blog post! Instead, here’s a list of some of my favorite things that begin with the letter “I.”

1. Imagination
2. Ink, esp. India ink.
3. Icing
4. Idiosyncrasy
5. Invisibility
6. Incense
7. Income
8. Inchworms
9. Indigo
10. Ivy
11. Introversion
12. Italy
13. Isolationism
14. Ireland
15. Inspiration
16. Idioms
17. Industriousness
18. Insects (except mosquitoes)
19. Ingenuity
20. Indoors

(BTW, “I” is a very difficult letter to make lists from!)

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