A review of “Exposure”

I’ve struggled with fear my entire life, so I could relate to the heroine in Brandilyn Collins’ latest release, “Exposure.” Kaycee Raye has turned her compulsive phobic behaviors into a career as a columnist and begun to gain some ground on the paranoia that plagues her life. But the death of a close friend to illness has challenged her faith and rejuvenated her fear. What if what she most fears, being watched, comes to pass?
The tension builds to a buzzing hum from the first page onward as Kaycee’s fear becomes reality. But she can’t prove it, and no one seems to believe her, until a little girl disappears, and Kaycee has no choice but to set her fears aside and find her faith in God. But is the true source of her fears just something in her mind, or is there more to it?
This book has all the hallmarks of a great suspense read, with a dash of humor to lighten the tension, and an inspirational message that fear can be faced, and overcome, with God’s help. A great book for anyone who struggles with fear and faith.

One thought on “A review of “Exposure”

  1. Wendy Paine Miller says:

    I like the sound of humor mixed with inspiration and mystery…and I liked how you described it, “the tension builds to a buzzing hum.” It’s as if I heard it!
    ~ Wendy

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