A new blog on the block!

     I am honored and excited to announce the inception of a new blog, Inkwell Inspirations, starting Aug. 31.
     Over the summer, Gina Welborn, who coordinated the Touched By Love contest this year for Romance Writers of America, invited fifteen writers who’ve placed in or won various writing contests to create a group blog. I’m still shaking my head in wonder that I’ve been included in the invitation! 

     We’ll be blogging on everything from non-fiction books we’ve read, to the writing life, to recipes we love and our travel experiences. From the communication I’ve enjoyed thus far with the other ladies involved, it promises to be a fantastic blog adventure! Join us at the Inkwell!

  • p.s. Stop by and leave a comment between Aug. 31 and the end of October to be entered to win one of several fabulous prizes!
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2 thoughts on “A new blog on the block!

  1. Susanne Dietze says:

    Thanks for the Inkwell shout out, Niki! I'm with you, shaking my head. You guys have taught me so much!

    You've got a gorgeous blog. See ya!

  2. Niki Turner says:

    Thanks Susanne! I can see all of us years from now, multi-published authors, teaching others all the stuff we've learned!

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